Youtube lesson leads to 2 arrests for outdoor honey oil lab |

Youtube lesson leads to 2 arrests for outdoor honey oil lab

Two 19-year-olds were arrested a little after midnight Sunday after they reportedly were discovered making honey oil in a carport on Ridge Road.

One of the men, identified as Devin Kyle Jensen, reportedly told deputies he learned how to make the marijuana hash oil from a YouTube video.

A Nevada County Sheriff's deputy was on patrol when he noticed two people crouching down in a carport in the 2600 block of Ridge Road, said Sheriff Keith Royal.

"He thought that was unusual," Royal said, adding that after the deputy turned around, the two individuals saw him and quickly disappeared around the corner after picking up several items.

The deputy reportedly found evidence of a honey-oil manufacturing operation in the carport, including a lingering odor of marijuana, coffee filters, butane canisters and a pyrex dish filled with a clear liquid.

Honey oil is typically manufactured with highly flammable butane being used to extract THC from marijuana shake.

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As deputies investigated the area, Jensen and another man identified as Michael Lee Hale came out of a granny unit behind the main residence, Royal said.

"They were shaking and extremely nervous," he said.

The two reportedly admitted to making honey oil, and Jensen said it was the first time he had tried to manufacture the resin after learning how on YouTube.

Deputies subsequently located a bowl of honey oil and a box containing marijuana shake and more coffee filters, Royal said.

Hale and Jensen have been charged with manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of marijuana and are scheduled to be arraigned this morning.

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