Stolen stuffed owl returned to Yuba College |

Stolen stuffed owl returned to Yuba College

Andrew Creasey
Special to The Union

The mounting of a great horned owl stolen from the Yuba College Biology Department has returned home to roost.

As mysteriously as it went missing, the stuffed bird was returned on Thursday to the hallway of the biology department from where it disappeared, said Alta Serra resident Virginia Moran, an ecology instructor with the college.

Moran said it was likely returned due to media reports that alerted the culprits the mounting is illegal and can't be sold, despite a valuation of around $1,500.

The bird of prey is protected as a valuable resource to the state of California.

An antique microscope was also stolen with the owl mounting, but it was not returned.

The microscope can be tracked, and the college can prosecute the thief, Moran said.

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"We hope to see this next," Moran said. "Feel free to place it in the hallway as well, hopefully at least in the box."

Creasey is a reporter with the Marysville Appeal-Democrat, He can be reached at 749-4780 and on Twitter @AD_Creasey.

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