Community goes all out for blood drives |

Community goes all out for blood drives

George Harper

Recently, my wife, Pat, and I helped Blood Source with a blood drive at Nevada Union High School. The student turnout was great, and here are the stats we got from the account manager for that drive.

There were 213 registered and 95 first-time donors; 186 pints were collected. This is the most collected at any school in a single blood drive!

In November, they registered 211 and collected 176 pints, with 132 first-time donors. This equals 424 registered and 362 life-saving units.

Just goes to show what a great community we live in – young and old alike. The parents of these young adults should be proud of themselves for teaching them the values we have taught them.

On Thursday, March 20, we also helped with a drive at Bear River High, and they registered 155 and collected 122 life-saving units. This is a new record for Bear River. It was also a senior project for Greg Remillard. We worked with Greg in pre-registration, and he did a fantastic job. Working with these young adults, you just know this world will be in great hands when we hand it to them.

If you know any teachers, thank them for the great job they are doing!

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George Harper

Nevada City

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