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Chiropractors find clues to illness in food

We are doctors of chiropractic and specialize in applied kinesiology.

We combine traditional chiropractic care, modern diagnostic techniques and neurologic muscle testing. Our techniques also borrow from traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative modalities.

We help people address musculoskeletal injuries, digestive complaints, food allergies, hormonal issues, mineral deficiencies and infectious diseases. We facilitate relief from symptoms and determine the underlying cause of chronic conditions.

Our clients include babies with ear infections, children with ADD, athletes wanting to improve performance and elderly people with poor digestion; we match our techniques to the needs of the individual. We offer a free, 20-minute consultation to discuss the patient’s issues and demonstrate our techniques.

We are primary care providers, and if your issue is beyond our scope, we will gladly refer you to another professional.

Our practice opened in Nevada County in 1983.

We serve people with immediate and clear feedback about foods or chemicals that may help or hinder their bodies and various conditions. Because there are no accurate laboratory tests for food allergies, our techniques offer unique insight that help us suggest foods to be eliminated.

What we see daily in practice is that sensitivities to particular foods are very common and can be clearly connected to a wide variety of conditions. Because virtually all disease processes involve inflammation, eliminating foods that a person reacts to can help nearly every condition.

We are effective and get lasting results for issues including neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, allergies, digestive and hormonal issues, eczema and arthritis, to name a few. We believe that in time, science will show that most noninfectious disease and discomfort can be specifically connected to food sensitivities and the related inflammation.

Frequently, people come in with long lists of seemingly unrelated complaints, which in a few visits can be traced to a common cause. People who have decided or been told that they will have to live with a condition often see profound changes in a couple weeks.

We anticipate short-term, low-cost care with dramatic results. We do not diagnose anything with muscle testing, but muscle testing helps us to offer solutions and get you excellent results.

We are always accepting new patients – because our people get well!

We accept most major insurance that covers chiropractic, including Medicare and Healthy Families.

Drs. Jeanne and Matt Archer have a mother-and-son practice. They graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College and Life Chiropractic College West, respectively. They both have studied with the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

Archer Chiropractic Applied Kinesiology

• 707 Zion St., Suite A, Nevada City, CA 95959; (530) 265-3095

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