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We’ve Got Scrubs is back

We've Got Scrubs, a local medical uniform and scrubs business, has reopened its doors to the community at its new location on the 2000 block of Nevada City Highway in Grass Valley's Fowler Center after closing its doors for nearly two years.

"I enjoyed what I did there at the old store," business owner and founder Christine Pickering said Tuesday. "So I decided to bring the scrubs store back."

The company initially opened a brick and mortar location after Pickering, a nurse, observed a lack of businesses offering medical scrubs in the local community. With another business partner, Pickering opened a store on the 400 block of Colfax Avenue in April 2009.

"As a nurse I had to purchase online or go down the hill to purchase my scrubs," Pickering said.

"There's no other place in our area that has nurse uniforms and veterinarian uniforms and school uniforms. So I felt there was a need for it."

The store, though, would end up closing its operations in October 2012 with the intention to take the business mobile. Customers did not respond to the mobile business the way Pickering thought, however.

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"We went as far as purchasing a trailer to go on the road," Pickering said.

"But we took a step back to look at the bigger picture and how much work was going to be involved, and we decided that it wasn't going to work."

Pickering closed down the mobile operations last November to reopen a new store location by herself, which opened in March.

To celebrate its reopening, We've Got Scrubs is hosting a grand opening on May 31 from noon to 3 p.m. at the store, featuring a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Greater Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The store offers fashionable scrubs to local customers, saving them the drive down the hill, along with shipping costs from ordering uniforms online. We've Got Scrubs also carries a variety of shoes, medical professional necessities and accessories.

Pickering cites the ease of care, comfort and roomy pockets as reasons nonmedical customers buy from her. Her customers range from students and young professionals to those who are older clients. We've Got Scrubs will also offer products online.

"I'm geared toward more of the fashion side of scrubs," Pickering said.

"As one that has worn scrubs before, I feel like it makes a big difference when you don't feel good in your scrubs; therefore, you can perform much better at your task. Quality is what I look at in our fashion line."

The event will also include a scrubs fashion show, food, beverages, fun and gifts for kids and store discounts. Pickering says that this time around, she is bringing a new business model and marketing strategy to the company with experience from the short-comings her business went through in the past.

"I'm very connected to this, and I love what I do. I enjoy it," Pickering said. "To be honest with you, we didn't follow our business plan as much as we should have the first time around, but lesson learned."

Pickering added, "I learned so much to bring this store back, and now I know what to do and what not to do, and it's a risk and a challenge that I have to take, and so therefore I'm looking at things way different in order to make this store a successful store."

For more information about We've Got Scrubs, call Christine Pickering at 530-615-4847. For more information about the grand opening event, contact Jerri Glover at 530-913-7254.

To contact Staff Writer Ivan Natividad, email inatividad@theunion.com or call 530-477-4236.

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