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Untangle knots, get plugged in

Machen MacDonald
Special to The Union

Do you ever feel like a certain part of your life is just a big tangled mess? Do you wonder why you feel so drained and fatigued just thinking about that area of your life, let alone actually spending time and energy working on it? It's because you are not plugged into your power.

From time to time, the twisting, kinking and entanglement happens in various areas of life. It's not a question of if it will happen, but rather when. It's not your fault, either. No one taught us how to take care of the cord so that it stays free from becoming knotted up. Whether you are feeling entangled now or later, I would like to offer you a way to get untangled and plugged back into your power.

I want you to imagine that each area of your life has or is a power cord. You have a power cord that represents your health, relationships, finances, career, spiritual, recreation and various other areas based on how you live your life. These cords all start out long enough to plug into a power source. This is called your potential.

Next, imagine a 10-foot cord representing an area of your life that has been neglected and tossed in a heap. This tangled mess is 10 feet away from a power source to plug into. When untangled, it's long enough to reach the power outlet.

However, because this cord is so tangled, the knots become tighter when you just pull on the end. The functional length of the cord actually diminishes to less than the length needed to make the connection.

Where in your life are you pulling so hard in the wrong direction and not making any progress and diminishing your opportunity to make progress? If something is missing in your life, you are doing something to keep it out. That's you pulling in the wrong direction, making the knots tighter.

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If your life depended on it, what would you do to get the cord to reach the power source? The simple answer is — you would untangle it.

You can't untangle it all at once, however, you have to work on one opening at a time. Once you weave the end back through the first entanglement, you then work on the next and then the next. You may not need to untangle the whole cord. You may only need to release a few knots to give you enough length to make the connection.

This is not so much about undoing anything as it is about looking for the next opening, to move the end of the cord through, to give you the length to keep moving forward and make the progress to plug in.

We have all felt plugged in throughout our life. It's the passion and excitement of having an idea for a business and then following through to start it; it's the falling in love with another; it may be winning a race or performing a personal best. Perhaps it's a calm, quiet stroll through nature. It's when we feel alive and energized. That's when we are plugged in and have the energy to persevere through any adversity.

Take inventory of your knots. Locate the first knot to move through and do what it takes to release it and get the length you need to get plugged in. Consider this — oftentimes the knot that is holding us back is the "not" we believe about ourselves — not smart enough, not educated enough, not enough experience, not creative enough.

You are always enough. You have the potential needed to plug in. This is your week to move through your "nots."

Make it up, make it fun and make it happen!

Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and strategic business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at coach@probrilliance.com and 530-273-8000 or visit http://probrillilance.com.

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