Sun Energy Engineering Co. provides solar ground mount system |

Sun Energy Engineering Co. provides solar ground mount system

Sun Energy Engineering Co. (Sun En Co.) is now offering solar ground mount systems to Nevada County, giving homeowners and businesses an alternative to the conventional residential solar energy system.

"We're basically an engineering partnership company that developed a solar system that's a ground mount system," Sun En Co. owner Ron Gangemi said.

"We have very quick factory-built systems where the solar can be delivered to a site, and set up within an hour, and the only thing left to do is trenching, so it doesn't require anyone going up on someone's roof."

Founded in 2009, Sun Energy Engineering Co. has developed building integrated photovoltaic solar systems for the energy industry. The company has a team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience designing and developing solar products for both residential and commercial applications.

The company goes by the motto that "solar does not have to mean having large obtrusive panels bolted to your roof," and that an aesthetic installation does not have to mean compromising efficiency. In addition to aesthetic, Gangemi says the company can provide solar panels to customers in a faster amount of time, and at a cheaper price.

"The engineering, or a structural portion of our systems are done locally, so we tried to do this all in the community, completely in the community," Gangemi said. "It's an exciting system because basically it reduces the price substantially, it's 40 percent less than anything else on the market and its got financing through InterBank, so its kind of a neat deal."

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Gangemi added, "We make it very quick, and especially in the foothills where people have some pretty difficult locations, we can get this delivered there. If you can get a car there, we can get this there, it's a fully certified system."

Sun En Co. and its group of engineers have designed solar products for more than 15 years, and designed solar panel systems on structures like the Museum of Science in San Francisco. Gangemi says the group's partnership is new, and comprised of staff from other solar companies, that laid them off.

"We're more than familiar with what we're doing," Gangemi said. "We've done more off-grid systems than anybody else in the country."

Gangemi said Sun En Co. has recently opened up their services to Nevada County, and just signed and installed their very first unit for business owner Jim Saccomanno, in Cedar Ridge. Saccomanno says he got the ground mount solar panels installed for his massage therapy business because of its environmental impacts to the local community, and they were affordable.

"Prices have come down," Saccomanno said. "We're at a time of climate change, we're at a time of drought, a lot of environmental things are coming up in front of us, and I just feel like its the best thing I can do for everybody."

Saccomanno's business has been in the area since 1980, and said he got introduced to Sun En Co. panels by Gangemi, who was a recent customer of his as well. The panels were installed six weeks ago, and Saccomanno said that he has been very happy with them, specifically because they were not added to his roof.

"If I ever had a roof problem I'd have to take the whole panel down," Saccomanno said. "What I've noticed on the roof is amazing, you know we've got a lot of pollen in the air this spring and as pollen collects on the panel every day I can watch how much wattage I'm putting in."

Saccomanno added, "Well if I hose my panel down, which is very easy on the ground, I'm increasing my wattage, where as if it was on my roof, that's pretty hard to go up on the roof every day and hose it down. So I'm increasing my efficiency very easily by hosing it down."

Gangemi says that Sun En Co.'s solar panels are a unique type of panel because they are built in a factory prior to installation, a practice that allows the company to offer their services for a cheaper price.

"It's a brand new system, and Nevada County was very interested in it because it's fully engineered and stamped. This has a 25-year warranty on the panels, and a 10-year warranty on the electronics. It's a good system, and we wanted to make sure when somebody bought something, that it was fully engineered, certified and met all standards."

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