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REST to be your best

It is the end of the first quarter of 2014 and also a perfect time to take a REST from work so you can spring into action and make the second quarter even stronger than the first. How does resting help? Who has time to rest? In all reality, you might be saying, "I'm in the middle of 10 different projects, no way can I rest now."

How long you rest is up to you. Deep down you already know what you are capable of and how to best collect your thoughts, catch your breath and recharge your spirit. Pay attention to that.

In sports, the games are segmented by periods, quarters or halves. We have all heard of teams making great comebacks after the second half, for example. Somehow the momentum shifted. What happened? They took and optimized a REST. You can do the same in your business or organization and substantially outperform your last 90 days.

This works best if you can relocate yourself to an inspiring location away from the office, which may have become so familiar and perhaps encumbered with piles, projects and distractions. I am actually writing this article from a cabin in the mountains where I am looking out the window at snow-covered pine trees, not surrounded by various projects and tasks staring at me. Different environments will generate different thinking.

Granted, I am taking a couple of days to also spend time with my wife and kids, but it only takes a few minutes or maybe an hour or two to REST and recalibrate for success. Let me share with you a process that yields great results.

Recalibrate by Reviewing: Look back over the last 90 days and take inventory of what you actually accomplished. I'll bet you achieved more than you may think. What are some relationships that you formed or perhaps deepened? What new skill did you learn or become more proficient in? What have you learned about yourself that will help you grow and improve your business? These are just a few questions to ponder in addition to the obvious ones, such as how many new prospects and clients were acquired, how much product was sold or how much revenue was generated.

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Eliminate and elevate: Notice what the weight is that may be holding you down or slowing your ascent to greater success. Good places to discover where you may be held back are where you notice yourself feeling like you are wasting time, becoming impatient, unproductive or frustrated. Identify where you can limit, eliminate or delegate those tasks and projects that suck your time and energy. Do something about it so you can then redirect your time and energy on what really needs your focus.

Set up success by setting clear objectives: Speaking of what really needs your focus, let's take a look at setting up clear objectives to stay focused on during the next 90 days. Identify three to six milestones you want to achieve over the next three months. What is your revenue goal? What is something you want to learn to do? What are the qualities, characteristics and values of the ideal person you may be looking to hire to help you? Whatever the objectives are that you are looking to achieve, ask yourself, "What is the work that these objectives are asking me to perform?" Be quiet with yourself and write down what comes to you. This is your action plan for the next quarter.

Take inspired action toward your objectives: Once you have captured the projects and actions that need to be executed in order to hit your objectives, get out your calendar. Write in the various actions and projects in the best corresponding dates and times of your calendar where you can actually do the work that will make this your best quarter yet. Avoid loading up the work all in the first month. Spread it out evenly over the next three months, and you will have a better chance of getting it all done.

Make it up, make it fun and make it happen!

Machen P. MacDonald, CPCC, CCSC is a certified life and business coach with ProBrilliance Leadership Institute in Grass Valley. He helps business people gain more confidence and clarity to live their ideal life. He can be reached at and 530-273-8000 or visit

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