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MacDonald: The 5 O’s of leadership

Machen MacDonald

We are all leaders in some way, shape, or form throughout our lives.

Successful leaders integrate five key elements, on an ongoing basis, during their tenure in leadership positions.

By doing so, they achieve admirable results. Incorporating these quintessential observations will serve to grow your capacity as a leader and ability to affect others profoundly.

Effective leaders are:

Open to a higher power: For some, it is their god or goddess that inspires them. For others it is recognizing their oneness with the universe. They are open to receiving vision and inspiration from something larger than themselves. They believe they have a responsibility to be a guardian and to protect that vision and steward it into reality. Because of this they are enthusiastic and thereby continually take inspired actions to fulfill the vision.

Original: They trust and honor their authentic self. They know there is no one else like them. They don't try to be a second rate version of someone else but rather continually strive to be the first rate version of themselves. They embrace their education, life lessons, perspectives, experience, intuition and inklings. That is what makes them unique and one of a kind.

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Optimistic: They have developed the habit of looking on the bright side. They see things as happening for their benefit and not to their detriment. For them it is not just a matter of seeing the glass as half full, it is a theme of having gratitude for just having a glass. They trust that it will always work out.

Opportunistic: They are aware of the resources that come into their existence and leverage them in a timely way. They trust just as they have been inspired with an image of what is possible, they too will be provided the opportunities to realize the vision. They understand that solutions and breakthroughs are often gift wrapped in problems and challenges. They have developed the ability to keep on keeping on.

Organic: They understand everything is always changing and dynamic. People, technology, laws, resources are always in flux. What may have been true yesterday may not be so today. They are resourceful and resilient making them ready for change. They continually process new data and perspectives and seek the most appropriate solution for all concerned.

They have a knowingness that if they persistently exercise these five O's, they can participate in the reward of another O.

The O of Opulence. Opulence comes in many forms besides just wealth and financial.

Opulence in one's life can show up as deep and meaningful relationships, well-being, respect, peace of mind and integrity.

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