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Junk King set to open 3 new locations

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Steve Trotter, right, will expand the Junk King business to include three new locations in Chico, Davis and Sacramento. As part of the expansion, Trotter and his wife, Colleen, have brought on Mike Harvey (left) as a partner.

After just two years in business, Steve and Colleen Trotter will expand their Penn Valley-based Junk King business. They will open three new facilities in the next 18 months, the couple said.

The Trotter's plan to open the first location in Chico on Nov. 1. Following the opening of the Chico facility, they are set to open facilities in Davis and Sacramento. In order to manage this growth, the Trotters have brought Mike Harvey on as a partner. Harvey brings years of business experience and will play a major role in the expansion. Junk King is a full service junk removal company. As part of their service, the company will supply the truck — 18-yard dump trucks — the labor and all the dump or recycling fees. Junk King picks up anything and everything, with the exception of hazardous waste. The company recycles or donates 60 percent of what is picked up.

For more about Junk King, go to http://www.junk-king.com/locations/goldcountry/.

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