Great Clips opens in Grass Valley |

Great Clips opens in Grass Valley

A new Great Clips Hair Cut Salon opened in Grass Valley's Glenbrook Plaza last month by Placerville franchise owners Shannon and Ryan McVeigh. The couple said they launched a Grass Valley salon because they enjoy the city's small town and rural quality of life.

"Being from a small town I love the small-town feel, and I like getting involved with the community," Shannon McVeigh said. "Small towns have a different mentality than large areas, and that's really why we chose Grass Valley. I'm not a big fan of the city. I like the people in a small town."

Located on the 500 block of Sutton Way, the new Great Clips is housed in the space that was previously occupied by Empire Shoes. McVeigh says that the salon is the couple's fourth franchise location, as they own Great Clips spots in Cameron Park, Fair Oaks, and Citrus Heights.

McVeigh, 41, said that they became franchise owners of the self-proclaimed "world's largest salon brand" in 2003 because of the companies culture.

"We liked their business model because they tend to give back to the communities they are in," McVeigh said. "It's not like a typical corporate structure, or a greedy corporate structure. They're concerned about their employees, they're concerned with their franchisees, they're concerned with their community."

With a background in medical management, McVeigh said she wanted to start a business because of the social aspects of providing customers a service. According to McVeigh, she leased out the Glenbrook Plaza location in May because it seemed like an area with good foot traffic and an established customer base.

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"We did a lot of contracting to the building to make it look nicer," McVeigh said. "The building was pretty yucky, but the salon just turned out beautiful. So I'm really happy that we took our time to make it look just right."

To employ the new Great Clips, McVeigh said she hired seven employees from near or around Grass Valley, and provided them with four to six week trainings in Citrus Heights, prior to the May 15 salon opening in Grass Valley. Assistant Manager Laura Fawcett, 24, said her experience with the company has been "awesome."

"This franchise is really amazing, they're totally in tune and they have the time to see everybody and to get to know us," Fawcett said. "Everybody is finding us and the customers seem like they are pretty open to us being new up here, so I encourage people to come in and experience it. All of us are so excited to be here, and warm and welcoming."

Grass Valley Great Clips is currently offering haircuts for $7.99 through the end of June as a promotional price. In the beginning of July senior and child haircuts will run at $12 each, and adult haircuts will be back up to $14. The company also offers online check-in services for customers who don't want to wait on site.

Ancillary to hair and customer services, as a franchisee, McVeigh says she is looking forward to contributing to Grass Valley's local community.

"On June 3, we did a cancer survivor day throughout the Sacramento region," McVeigh said. "And the first Tuesday of every June, we give away free haircuts to anybody who survived cancer. We also work with 'Clips for Kindness' for people going through cancer to get free haircuts."

McVeigh said she has also worked with her franchises to provide free hair cuts for underprivileged children, and were most recently a part of Nevada Union High School's sober grad night, donating gift baskets and free haircuts to seniors celebrating graduation, sober.

"On Veteran's Day, we're doing free haircuts for veterans so that will come up in November," McVeigh said. "So we try to get involved with local activities and help out any way we can."

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