Grass valley’s humble fabrics seeks funds for relocation |

Grass valley’s humble fabrics seeks funds for relocation

Jennifer Terman
Staff Writer

One of Grass Valley's affordable fabric and crafts stores lost its lease last week and has 90 days to relocate.

Owner Roxanne Page said next-door business Gold Run Laundromat decided to expand into the Humble Fabrics location, though she sees the relocation as a positive with hopes to expand her own store as well.

"My very first thought was, 'This is probably for the best.' I'm going to find a better spot, a bigger spot more suitable for classes with more space for people to get in here," she said. "The second thought was, 'Oh no, where am I going to go, and how am I going to afford this?'"

Page set up a fundraising account with website indie, which will last until Sept. 1.

The store offers fabric, craft materials, jewelry, purses, bird houses, quilts and local yarn. The store already offers weekly knitting classes with hopes to find a new location with enough space to also offer sewing and crafting classes as well.

"It would be a nice way for people to get together," Page said.

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Though the idea of a larger location is enticing, the eviction came as a shock, Page said, just after she remodeled the store's shelves.

"I thought I was going to be here for a while," she said. "Ninety days is what they offered me."

The store opened three and a half years ago in Cedar Ridge, until the store relocated to its current spot at 1253 E. Main St., Grass Valley.

"We started out with just previously owned fabric, and it's grown tremendously," said Page, who has always wanted to offer affordable products, in part from her consistently humble life.

"I've always been very low income, so being able to get supplies at a reasonable cost means a lot to me, and that's what I try to offer," she said, adding that she's always loved craftiness, and sewing is her favorite hobby. "This store is more like a community home base for crafting and a place where people can get things affordably."

Page hopes to raise $3,200 for the cause, though she knows the expense will be more.

If she is unable to find a new location, the merchandise will have to be put in storage, or worse yet, the business will have to close down.

"I'm going to try to get around that any way I can," she said. "I may just have to scale way, way back until we can build it up. I hope that it doesn't mean closing. That idea just feels bad."

To donate, visit fabrics-crafts.

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