Grass Valley’s Beautiful boutique a family affair |

Grass Valley’s Beautiful boutique a family affair

When Grass Valley native Teri Reuter told family members that she wanted to open a women's clothing store in the city's downtown area, they all jumped at the chance to help out.

"It became quite a family affair," Reuter told The Union. "My husband is a welder, and he said, 'I'm going to make your dressing rooms,' and my son said, 'Mom, I'd like to make your store counter.' Everybody in the family did something to help me get this business running."

Reuter's daughter, Andrea LeClaire, is the co-owner of a hair salon just up the street from her mother's boutique and helped remodel the store's entire bathroom. LeClaire has also been an extra hand around the store since its grand opening at the 120 W. Main St. location on March 1.

"I think it's going really good," LeClaire said. "People are really liking it and seem to want to come back, and she's doing really good with sales."

“I chose to call it ‘Beautiful,’ because beautiful encompasses so many things. Beautiful can be a beautiful woman, or a beautiful day, it’s just a great word that encompasses so many things. So that’s why I chose that word, and I want this store to be a loving and compassionate place.”
Teri Reuter

Reuter first hashed the idea to start a business in June of last year. As an accounts and billing manager at the Community Cancer Center at the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Reuter said she has built relationships with the hospital's patients.

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"I decided that I needed a change in my life," Reuter said. "I had a wonderful patient and friend that suggested, 'Why don't you open a clothing store?' My first thought was 'oh no you can't do that.'"

Reuter added, "But I started putting all the pieces together in what I want to give to other people and what I want in my life, and the store just seemed to fit."

In December of last year, Reuter approached the owner of Just Jeanna's, a women's clothing store on the 100 block of West Main Street. The owner was planning to close the store by the end of December, so Reuter contacted the storefront's landlord to lease the property.

"He said, 'you got it,'" Reuter said. "So in January we started working on the space, and know painting and fixing it up."

To be able to open in March, Reuter refurbished the entire store space and began frequenting trade shows in San Mateo and Los Angeles, in order to find clothing and products to sell.

"I'm trying to stay with contemporary, high quality, fashionable clothing," Reuter said. "I'm trying to stick with things that are timeless and that really make a woman feel good."

The store offers moderate end women's clothing brands Reuter's says are unique to the area. She also sells jewelry and displaying art made by local artists.

"She's doing all the right things," Reuter's father, Doug Hastings, said. "I think its wonderful, and I like to see anybody reach out and do things like this."

Reuter, though, says that she hopes the boutique will allow her to give her customers, like her patients in the hospital, solace.

"The desire for a unique boutique, I think, stems from my compassion and care for people," Reuter said. "The atmosphere I am hoping to obtain is a relaxing, comfortable place to come to."

For Reuter, the name she gave the store also encompasses the service she wants to provide for the customers that come to her store on a daily basis.

"I chose to call it Beautiful because beautiful encompasses so many things," Reuter said. "Beautiful can be a beautiful woman or a beautiful day, it's just a great word that encompasses so many things. So that's why I chose that word, and I want this store to be a loving and compassionate place."

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