Byers’ Leaf Guard goes full board for Solatube products |

Byers’ Leaf Guard goes full board for Solatube products

Byers' Leaf Guard Gutters Systems will now provide its customers with a productline of Solatube skylighting products for the home.

Byers' Leaf Guard Gutter Systems, a Grass Valley business, will now exclusively provide and market Solatube products for their customers, according to the company's Operations Manager Ray Byers Jr.

"Basically what it boils down to is we've always been offering the product, but not exclusively as a marketing source. Meaning we weren't just out there pushing the product," Byers said Tuesday.

"But we've had a lot of clients we've done business for in the roofing category, that said they'd like to add a skylight. So we basically just listened to our clients and their needs."

Founded in 1987 by Ray Byers Sr., the company provides roofing and gutter products and installation for commercial and residential buildings.

The company claims that their gutters are made from 99 percent recycled aluminum, and that they have been conserving and re-using energy for almost three decades.

Solatube was created by an Australian inventor who made a product that changed the way daylight is brought into a building. Known as a tubular daylighting device, the product is a compact and leakproof alternative to traditional skylights.

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Byers' Leaf Guard Gutter Systems provides that technology through their Solatube daylighting system, which captures the sun's rays and pipes natural light into a home.

Solatube doubles as regular light, and customers can choose from compact fluorescent, incandescent, or the Smart LED System. Byers said the LED system cuts down on heat loss in cold weather, and heat gain in hot weather.

"A lot of times cost effectively it didn't make sense for customers to get the skylighting installed because we'd readjust things in the roof, or the skylight itself was a bit to swallow price-wise," Byers said.

"So what we've done is added the tubular daylighting to our system so it gives us the opportunity to put a solar tube inside the house without adding a tremendous amount of expense."

While the company will be actively adding Solatube to their product line, Byers said that the business itself will not have any drastic changes.

"But we are definitely making sure our installation staff is trained properly for the product," Byers said. "So we've invested money in that aspect. We're sending them down to Solatube headquarters for training, and we're just shy of 10 guys fully trained in Solatube. So we have good coverage there as far as the training and we're installing correctly for every home."

Made in Southern California, the Solatube tubular light brings 99.7 percent of the sun's light into a home, which is more efficient, Byers said, in comparison to other products who bring in sunlight at 94 or 96 percent.

In addition to more skylighting products, Byers' Leaf Guard and Gutter Systems will also be providing customers with a new Solatube product.

"It's their regular solar tube with it's own light kit for it, an LED light kit," Byers said.

"It has a light sensor that sees the sunlight so if you have your light switch turned on and the sun comes out, the light turns off. If, say, clouds come overhead but you want that area naturally lit, the light will actually come back on if there isn't enough light in the tube. It manages the light and power consumption due to that sensor."

Solatube day lighting systems and the Smart LED qualify customers for a 10 percent tax credit of the product cost, up to $500.

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