Blogs: Day 2 |

Blogs: Day 2

Pat Butler

The Union has entered into the second day of our journey into the blogosphere, a relatively new world that is far more vast than I imagined. There’s millions of bloggers out there writing about everything and anything. As far as I can tell, the first blogs were written in 1996. Some bloggers are journalists, some are experts in the fields they write about and some are just people wanting to be heard. We’re still refining our system at The Union, so please be patient with us and provide feedback. We want this to be your forum as well as our’s. In the future, you’ll see blogs from different staffers at the newspaper, and eventually we will host local bloggers. We want this to be a vibrant and meaningful exchange of ideas. My blog will mostly focus on what happens at the newspaper, an example of which I posted on Monday. I don’t, however, want to impose any limits on myself either. Afterall, it’s a whole new world.

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