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Attention: Sen. Tom McClintock

Sen. McClintock: Regarding the Idaho-Maryland Mine you were quoted as saying, “We need to look at innovative ways to fund the interchange.” Perhaps you should become informed about the mine issues before you are seen as being responsible for an increase in health issues for children and others.

There are numerous environmental, business, and community impact issues, many of which could be reason enough to prevent the mine reopening. The air quality concern, however, could stand alone. Nevada County has the 12th worst air quality in the country, with skyrocketing childhood asthma rates.

The air quality problems here are scientifically known to not just affect the breathing of children and others who work and play outside, but to actually stunt the growth of developing lungs.

Reopening the mine and running a tile factory would add a significant air pollution load on top of the already unacceptable level. The draft Environmental Impact Report ” the opportunity for the mine company to put forth their best case scenario for addressing potential concerns ” states that the air quality impacts are “unmitigatable.” Given the current air quality levels, this is truly unacceptable.

By encouraging the reopening of the mine, you are endangering the health of children and all of us who live and breathe in Nevada County. That certainly would be an “innovative” way to raise money, though it would not be one that would improve the quality of life.

Please make yourself fully informed about the mine’s impacts before further endorsing the proposed reopening.

Denise Reynolds

Grass Valley