Art show features works of two Nevada City Fiedlers |

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Art show features works of two Nevada City Fiedlers

Nevada City artists Joseph Daniel Fiedler and Eryka Fiedler have collaborated to create an exhibition of their work that examines the natural world in their own way. The show is part of a larger, curated exhibition including 62 artists in more than 30 venues in and around Nevada City for the duration on the 10th Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Jan. 13-15.

Eryka Fiedler moved to Nevada City a few months ago and noticed the call for art submissions on Wild & Scenic’s website when she went online to volunteer at the festival. It was a moment she now refers to as serendipitous. Although both artists share a name and reside in the same town, it was the exhibition that initially introduced them.

While their artistic styles are different, their works compliment one another and show well together.

“Both Eryka and I deconstruct nature on a path divergent from traditional ‘nature art.’ I through quasi-documentary field guide parodies, and she through a transfiguration that stems from the molecular to the intensely physical and lands squarely in the mythical,” said Joseph Daniel Fiedler. “This is the first time that we’ve shown our work together and we are excited about our debut.”

Their exhibit is only the second in a newly renovated space at Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center. The space, housed in the Nevada City Box Office, features lots of natural and track lighting, raised ceilings and a comfortable gallery space.

Joseph Fiedler, or Scaryjoey as many know him, fills sketchbooks with paintings of lettuce leaves, trees, salamanders, snakes, rabbits and turtles. He later transforms these sketches into larger works either on paper or canvas. Joseph Fiedler is a keen observer of the flora and fauna that thrive in the pinewoods surrounding his rural home in Nevada City.

Eryka Fiedler’s large-scale, brightly colored paintings explore her reverence for nature and a fascination with textiles, ornament, and architecture, which have influenced her formal lexicon. The stockpiled shapes and patterns manifest a gray zone on the scale of representational to abstract. “I enjoy the multitude of interpretations that a gray zone offers,” Eryka Fiedler said. “I follow a process-driven approach to the final image, making a series of organized lines, planes and erasures, and many bones are left protruding from these layers. Ghosts of shapes lift the skin of the paint and nuances of color exist behind other colors.”

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Joseph Fiedler has made his living as an artist-illustrator-educator since 1973. He fuses his philosophy and love of nature into editorial illustrations for clients including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Harvard Medical Center, New Orleans Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and Arizona Highways.

Eryka Fiedler began her studies abroad with a grant from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities at the University of Legon, Ghana, and then returned to the U.S. and completed her bachelor of fine arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After a stint in Savannah and the Bay Area, she was awarded a fellowship to study at the University of Texas-Austin. Her work is in the collection of Patch Adams at the Gesundheit Institute.

The FIEDLER & FIEDLER show is open to the public now through Jan. 16 at the Miners Foundry Nevada City Box Office, 325 Spring St., Nevada City. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. For more information about the Wild & Scenic art exhibition, visit

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