Recent Marriages in Nevada County |

Recent Marriages in Nevada County

Nov. 13

Lawson and Beckman: Kimberly Ann Lawson and Andrew Joseph Beckman.

Rice and Liu: Jeffrey David Rice and Jie Liu.

Van Patten and Wesley: Erica Rochelle Van Patten and Wesley Fox.

Nov. 14

Bright and Bartorillo: Madeline Renee Bright and Stephen Matthew Bartorillo.

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Nov. 16

Leonhardt and Burnes: Karlie Diana Leonhardt and James Emry Burnes.

Dugan and Leon-Herrera: Darrah Katherine Dugan and Oscar Daniel Leon-Herrera.

Myers and Arnold: Teresa Lynn Myers and David Scott Arnold.

Barrett and Johnston: Kacey Elon Johnston and Robin Daigneau Barrett.

Ball and Payne: Lindsey Erin Ball and Mark Allen Payne.

Hughes and Moyer: Stephanie Marie Hughes and Christopher David Moyer.

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