McVeys celebrate 60 years |

McVeys celebrate 60 years


Ruth and Hal McVey of Rough and Ready celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Dec. 6.

The Korean War brought the couple together on an air base in Japan in 1952. Ruth was a civilian employee and Hal was in the U.S. Air Force.

The two became engaged after climbing Japan's Mt. Fujiyama together. The McVeys were married in Japan in December of 1953.

In 1967 they moved from San Francisco to Rough and Ready, where they have lived for the past 46 years. Their sons, Brian and Craig, both graduated from Nevada Union High School and Sacramento State University.

Ruth was born in the late 1920s in Hawaii to Japanese immigrant parents and Hal to a Caucasian couple in Kansas.

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"Six decades after our meeting in Japan, we know that the odds against us were staggering," said Hal.

"But something special happened those many years ago, and we are thankful in so many ways."

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