Marriages licenses: Nov, 18-25, 2013 |

Marriages licenses: Nov, 18-25, 2013

Nov. 18

Alper and Hale: Sarah Rose Alper and Kelly Renee Hale.

Gilmore and Lawson: Brigette Corinne Gilmore and Joseph Alan Lawson.

Nov. 19

Ferguson and Reinke: Sherrie Lynn Ferguson and Joshua Nathan Reinke.

Nov. 20

Recommended Stories For You

Fleming and Dooley: Kathryn Marie Fleming and Steven Bernard Dooley.

Aplington and Crouse: Aimee Rae Aplington and Joseph Robert Crouse.

Nov. 21

Stallworth and Alderson: Carol Gail Stallworth and Thomas Marshall Alderson.

Clark and Kremple: Amanda Rhae Clark and Adam Robert Kremple.

Nov. 22

Clark and Corchero: Alison Kennedy Clark and Nathan Daniel Corchero.

Wood and Wilson: Veronica Rose Wood and Dotrik Tayler Wilson.

Nov. 25

McKeehan and Jenkins: Judith Lynn McKeehan and Walker Gid Jenkins.

Nakahara and Glowaski: Mary Emelda Nakahara and Paul Gregory Glowaski.

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