Marriages Licenses: Aug. 4-8, 2014 |

Marriages Licenses: Aug. 4-8, 2014

Aug. 4

Quinlan and Quinn: Kari Laverne Quinlan and David Michael Quinn.

Chensue and Selbie: Maya Aquila Chensue and Andrew Saint John Selbie.

Foster and Joy: Christine Foster and Donald Albert Joy.

Burchett and Rechlin: Brenda Gayle Burchett and Kam Elizabeth Rechlin.

French and Guzman: Gail Catherine French and Cynthia Reyes Guzman.

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Aug. 5

Bottaro and Salisbury: Luciana Victoria Bottaro and Christian Allen Salisbury.

Perez and Saul: Jade Star Perez and Brandon Anthony Saul.

Harris and Geary: Lorna Dawn Harris and Rosemary Geary.

Vanoni and Gaylen: Noelle Marie Vanoni and Cindy Lee Gaylen.

Aug. 7

Morgan and Glaspie: Brittney Anne Morgan and Alexander Glaspie.

Gruver and Nicholson: Lindsay Marie Gruver and David William Nicholson.

Aug. 8

Miller and Clark: Melissa Ann Miller and Aaron Michael Clark.

Sander and McIntyre: William Britton Sander III and Michael Dean McIntyre.

Benevento and MacDow: Sophia Marie Benevento and Joshua Chaitanya MacDow.

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