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Naylor and Stanger: Julianne Marie Naylor and Curt Frederick Stanger.

Scammon and Behrmann: Jessica Anne Stella Scammon and Robin Lloyd Behrmann.

Nystrom and Johnson: Sarah Elizabeth Nystrom and Raymond Lee Odis Johnson.


Rowe and Parker: Lindsey Elizabeth Rowe and William Herbert Parker, IV.

Recommended Stories For You

Alexander and Landsburg: Jennifer Jade Alexander and Travis Michael Landsburg.


Leach and McClain: Erica Christine Leach and Ronald Allen McClain.

Thomas and McAtee: Christina Danielle Thomas and Thomas John McAtee.

Posos and Trentz: Quintana Antonia Posos and Roger P. Trentz.


Cervantez and Jennings: Sonia Marie Cervantez and Narissa Amiell Jennings.

Casey and Wells: Wendy Lee Casey and Lee Parker Wells.

Spence and Canter: Gina Renee Spence and Vincent Warren Canter.

Blacksmith and Talbott: Kathleen Ardith Blacksmith and Brian Thomas Talbott.

Hardy and Wilkening: Shannon Michelle Jessie Hardy and Nathan Jerry Wilkening.

Burns and Derrick: Wendi Eileen Burns and Seth Thomas Derrick.

Riley and Finn: Bridget Grace Riley and Thomas Scott Finn.


Driscoll and Jenkins: Kaitlin Colleen Driscoll and Kenneth Thomas Jenkins.

Staley and Graves: Samantha Jane Staley and Benjamin John Graves.

Foster and Gregory: Susan Irene Foster and Jesse James Gregory.

Schiwart and Leonard: Wanda Faye Schiwart and Gary Gene Leonard

Grafton and Lesofski: Amanda Rae Grafton and Jacob Lawrence Lesofski.

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