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June 17

Seavers and Wagner: Micheal Allen Seavers and Candice Lou Wagner.

Ross and Armacher: Cristina Alyssa Ross and Ian Buckley Armacher.

Reader and Anderson: Larissa Anne Reader and Randolf Wallace Anderson.

June 18

Dotto and Johnson: Sofia Alesandra Dotto and Nicholas Kevin Johnson.

Recommended Stories For You

June 19

Drillock and Hitchcock: Mary Alison Drillock and David Alan Hitchcock.

Santos and Fassler: Enos Francis Santos and Vida Lee Fassler.

Hindt and Hansen: Laura Katherine Hindt and Kenneth Patrick Hansen.

June 20

Parker Kennedy and Raymore: Laurel Christina Parker Kennedy and Paul Arnold Raymore, III.

Hermiston and Amberson: Jennifer Aline Hermiston and Jeffory Alan Amberson.

June 21

Rinne and Frenzel: Monica Nouveau Rinne and Erik Arthur Frenzel.

St. Michel and McNamara: Sommer Lee St. Michele and Michael Patrick McNamara.

Bandimere and Jackson: Melody Marie Bandimere and Travis Lee Jackson.

Taylor and Taylor: Carol Jean Taylor and David Geldon Taylor.

Fink and Wyatt: Kindra Ann Fink and Bradley James Wyatt.

Jocius and McClain: Courtney Michelle Jocius and Michael Alan McClain.

Sanchez and Tamietti: Cathleen Louise Sanchez and Robert Lynn Tamietti.

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