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Feb. 11

Cummins and Scheel: Matthew Wayne Cummins and Sarah Elizabeth Scheel.

Feb. 14

Armstrong and McCauley: Economou Nina Jeanne Armstrong and Nicholas Ronald McCauley.

Criswell and Mehlman: Pamela Rhea Criswell and Mark Mehlman.

Saunders-French and Kendall: Christine Lee Ana Saunders-French and Seth Matthew Kendall.

Recommended Stories For You

Gold and Sullivan: Teri Ilene Gold and Neal Patrick Sullivan.

Feb. 28

Wright and Davis: Patricia Janeen Wright and William Gerald Davis.

Pablo-Nicolas and Bernabe-Nunez: Austreberta Paola Pablo-Nicolas and Jose Carmen Bernabe-Nunez.

Howell and Stam: Haley Morgan Howell and Kyler Dirk Stam.

March 4

Crossman and Malech: Lydia Lou Crossman and Zachary Allan Malech.

March 5

Inouye and Cameron: Linda Loretta Inouye and Chad Andrew Cameron.

March 6

Tidwell and Gettys: Candence Ann Tidwell and Sutton Tyrone Gettys.

March 7

Hartage and Estep: Lila Jonquil Hartage and Johnathon James Estep.

March 8

Adamski and Collins: Hayley Dawn Adamski and Michael Wesley Collins.

Rathbun and Hurley: Rina Ray Rathbun and Raymond Roth Hurley.

Ciukowski and Jacobs: Anny Kathleen Ciukowski and Austin Randel Jacobs.

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