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Sept. 17

Zurita and Yeary: Samantha Drew Zurita and Garth Justin Yeary.

Mosqueda and Hatt: Cristina Mosqueda and Christopher Charles Hatt.

McGrady and Redeker: Lois Kathleen McGrady and Richard Herbert Redeker.

Sept. 18

Price and Coleman: Katherine Seabrook Price and Michael Christopher Coleman.

Recommended Stories For You

Sept. 19

Thompson and Lucero: Jacqueline Patrica Thompson and Antonio Nassan Lucero.

Sept. 20

McGilloway and Matlock: Gita Monica McGilloway and Jordan Daniel Matlock.

Sept. 21

Wilhelms and Dillon: Stephanie Sue Wilhelms and Paul Anthony Dillon.

Dailey and Landingham: Allison Marie Dailey and Darrell Vann Landingham.

Hay and Raner: Amanda Grace Hay and Tyson Dewayne Raner.

Ramey and Barrios: Rachel Danielle Ramey and Anthony Craig Barrios.

Rellstab and Boren: Andrea Christine Rellstab and Kelly Joseph Boren.

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