Marriages 10/29/2012 through 11/2/2012 |

Marriages 10/29/2012 through 11/2/2012

Oct. 29

Bright and Kendrick: Barbara Ann Bright and John Boyer Kendrick.

Williamson and Mealy: Sarah Jane Williamson and Theodore Anson Mealy.

Oct. 30

Munoz and Ortega: Cindy Munoz and Israel Ortega.

Nov. 1

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Villalba Aguirre and Montoya: Ariana Angelina Villalba Aguirre and Salas Heiman Uriel Montoya.

Ely and Wilson: Sarah Nicole Ely and John Gregory Wilson.

Nov .2

Janssen and Harvey: Jessica Sinclaire Janssen and Eric James Harvey.

Hamilton and Justice: Nicole Kathryn Hamilton and Christopher Mathew Justice.

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