Marriage licenses: Sept. 3-11, 2013 |

Marriage licenses: Sept. 3-11, 2013

Sept. 3

Johnson and Balmer: Billie Lynn Johnson and Ryan Michael Balmer.

Darling and Funderburk: Letitia Ella Darling and John Clyde Funderburk.

Greenleaf and Milhous: Jill Marie Greenleaf and James William Milhous.

Cummins and Brown: Christie Rose Cummins and Benjamin Martin Brown.

Klamer and Dufloth: Christina Klamer and Patrick Michael Dufloth.

Recommended Stories For You

Bair and Hentschel: Julie Lyn Bair and Lee Russell Hentschel.

Sept. 4

Holbann and Coronel: Leora Ann Bublitz Holbann and Ronald Augusto Coronel.

Leechild and Miller: Jane Summer Leechild and Elizabeth Anne Miller.

Germano and MacGregor: Amber Kelly Germano and Robert John MacGregor.

Tuttle and Grice: Elise Lauren Tuttle and Daniel Albert Grice.

Giles and Trevethick: Whitney Lee Giles and Tye Weston Trevethick.

Brooks and Forgan: Jessica Elaine Brooks and Joseph Peter Forgan.

Sept. 6

McNew and Buhrmann: Ulyss Hardy McNew and Kenneth Deane Buhrmann.

Sept. 9

Vicario and Bradt: Courtney Sue Vicario and David Wesley Gay Bradt.

Rangel and Pinedo: Selene Rangel and George Garcia Pinedo.

O'Leary and Raymond: Amrita Moyi O'Leary and Samuel Philip Raymond.

Rounds and Goehring: Emily Beth Rounds and Brandon Young Goehring.

Sutton and Colbert: Athea Starr Sutton and Shane Fredrick Colbert.

Holton and Warren: Bridget Arin Holton and Mark Andrew Warren.

Sept. 10

Negerle and Luciano: Christina Negerle and Jeffrey Allen Luciano.

Sept. 11

Winkleman and Morris: Veronica Lynne Winkleman and Daniel Bradley Morris.

Trathen and Williamson: Angela Michele Trathen and Willow Ross Williamson.

Shadburne and Taylor: Adriane Marie Shadburne and Bryan Steven Taylor.

Regnier and Hanshaw: Nicole Renee Regnier and Jesse Daniel Hanshaw.

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