Marriage licenses: Sept. 26-27, 2013 |

Marriage licenses: Sept. 26-27, 2013

Sept. 26

Galan and Robert: Clare Galan and Adrien Ferdinand Robert.

Tickvitza and Riefsteck: Michael Andrew Tickvitza and Nicholas Charles Riefsteck.

Pellegrini and Nelson: Elizabeth Ann Pellegrini and Noah Clifton Nelson.

Schwartz and Wren: Meghan Ann Schwartz and Anthony Wayne Wren.

Sept. 27

Recommended Stories For You

Hughes and Lavezzo: Erika Hughes and Patrick Michael Lavezzo.

Fowler and Smith: Love Ocean Fowler and Christopher Michael Smith.

Lochridge and Ivey: Dallin Matthew Lochridge and Allison Ivey.

Butler and Wentz: Elaine Winner Butler and Lawrence Edward Wentz.

Gates and Clayman: Sarah Kristine Gates and Montgomery Stephen Clayman.

Pooley and Schnitzius: Donna Pooley and Trevor James Schnitzius.

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