Marriage licenses: Sept. 24-28, 2012 |

Marriage licenses: Sept. 24-28, 2012

Sept. 24

Paloma and Gemignani: Christina Paloma and Johnny Nello Gemignani.

Sept. 25

Clinton and Sorenson: Anne Elizabeth Clinton and Michael Robert Sorenson.

Sept. 26

Jasper and Deckwa: Miranda Louise Jasper and Jared Micah Deckwa.

Recommended Stories For You

Martinez and Nuñez: Olga Lilia Campos Martinez and Dublas Andray Nuñez.

Sept. 27

Walker and Guerrero: Kathleen Karel Walker and Andrew Joseph Guerrero, Jr.

Gray and Davis: Jinna Lourie Gray and Scott William Davis.

Sept. 28

Miller and Barrett: Nicole Lyn Miller and Spurgeon Herschel Barrett III.

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