Marriage licenses: Oct. 22-26, 2012 |

Marriage licenses: Oct. 22-26, 2012

Oct. 22

Maldonaldo and DeSousa: Lisset Maldonaldo and Mario Manuel Laranjo DeSousa Jr.

Debry and Landru: Robin Lin Debry and Timothy Charles Landru.

Oct. 23

Fitzhugh Johnson and Cannedy: Sarah Joy Fitzhugh Johnson and David T. Cannedy.

Graydon and Carpenter: Lynne Carol Graydon and Wesley Harold Carpenter.

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Oct. 25

Snider and Hallmark: Brittany Annette Snider and Matthew Robert Hallmark.

Giles and Sheppard: Ashley Marie Giles and David Lee Gabriel Sheppard.

Aoki and Zaffle: Sakura Aoki and George Gordon Zaffle.

Oct. 26

Romion and Wei: Liberty Tinapay Romion and Johnathan Morgan Wei.

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