Marriage licenses: March 25-Nay 7, 2013 |

Marriage licenses: March 25-Nay 7, 2013

March 25

Cammon and Van Liew: Sarah Jo Cammon and Dale Vernon Van Liew.

March 26

Thipsaeng and Kellison: Tukkata Thipsaeng and David James Kellison.

March 28

Oedel and Holzberg-Pill: Grace Lighthill Oedel and Jacob Rapheal Holzberg-Pill.

Recommended Stories For You

Dalmau and Maurer: Nichol Laaren Dalmau and Justin Lawrence Maurer.

Ariastini and Campbell: Ni Luh Putu A Ariastini and Christopher Edward Campbell.

March 29

Andersen and Belllamy: Amanda Jayne Andersen and Mitchell Ryan Bellamy.

April 1

Stevens and Shover: Jill Renea Stevens and Wesley Michael Shover.

April 2

Baumler and Roa: Maria Elisa Baumler and Horacio Ramon Gimenez Roa.

White and Morris: Jared James White and Latisha Mari Morris.

Jones ad Youngren: Kelly Marie Jones and Daniel Oscar Sherlock Youngren.

April 4

Noble and Gamolsky: Rachel B. Noble and Victor Gamolsky

April 5

Hugel and Anderson: Charlene Louise Hugel and Byron Keith Anderson.

Fischer and Coffaro: Linda Darlene Fischer and Paul Joseph Coffaro.

Burley and Stabel: Laura Jane Burley and Aaron Arthur Stabel.

Hennig and Evans: Dietra Danielle Hennig and Chase David Evans.

Lambert and Rein: Julie Lambert and Guy Rein.

April 8

Radovich and Houshmand: Kelly Elizabeth Radovich and Matthew Sayeed Houshmand.

April 9

Keys and Marsh: Cynthia Janean Keys and Harry James Marsh.

Bloom and Neil: Katy Lynn Bloom and Nicholas Tyson Neil.

Indovina and Barros: Antonette Susan Indovina and Nicholas Andrew Barros.

April 10

Meier and Russo: Mallory Susan Meier and Jesse Aaron Russo.

April 12

Cowen and Vaars: Amy Rebecca Cowen and Joseph Edward Vaars.

May 7

Alampi and Mix: Courtney Leigh Alampi and Thomas Willard Mix.

Curro and Gonzales: Kimberly Ann Curro and Jacob Cody Gonzales.

Reymond and Rodriguez: Charlotte Jesmine Reymond and Aldana Marlon Rodriguez.

Stoltz and Plant: Jennifer Lee Stoltz and Philip Arthur Plant.

Kusanovich and Greenwood: Kathleen Patricia Kusanovich and Jeffrey George Greenwood.

May 8

Wilson and McIntosh: Jillian Nicole Wilson and Chrisopher Ryan McIntosh.

May 9

Bickett and Davis-Van Atta: Dawn Michelle Bickett and Casey Ross Davis-Van Atta.

May 10

Erb and Reyes: Denise Michelle Erb and Anthony Reyes.

Mazilu and Myatt: Mihaela Mazilu and Andrew Philip Myatt.

Agnew and Sturgell: Lena Jean Agnew and Michael Scott Sturgell.

Wengryn and Browning: Natalie Lynn Wengryn and Andrew Ryan Browning.

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