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Marriage licenses

Sept. 11

Johnston and Powell: Cassie Joanne Johnston and Brian Ross Powell.

Edwards and Utecht: Kalana Naline Edwards and Andrew Jason Utecht.

Sept. 12

Dwyer and Jeffery: Erin June Dwyer and Glenn Burdette Jeffery III.

Sept. 13

Recommended Stories For You

Mahboob and Damewood: Gulnaz Fatima Mahboob and Bryan Evan Damewood.

Sept. 16

Ellis and Eli: Galen Alise Ellis and James Brian Eli.

Huff and Spittler: Kaylie Lucerne Huff and Galen Michael Spittler.

Sept. 17

Cortez and Elliott: Sarah Marie Cortez and Christopher Ramsey Elliott.

Silveria and Romo: Kristin Elaine Silveria and Joshua Daniel Romo.

Tegan and Richins: Greta Kay Tegan and Scott Dana Richins.

Sept. 18

Kaller and Moulian: Raina Susan Kaller and Ryan Michael Moulian.

Cummins and Griffin: Rashelle Teresa Cummins and James Thomas Griffin.

Farlee and Neeb: Katherine Ann Farlee and David William Neeb.

Sept. 19

Tatum and Fike: Valerie Joy Tatum and Cody Robert Fike.

Sept. 20

Kross and Wellise: Aurora Louise Kross and Matthew Scott Wellise.

Witter and Blankenship: Ma Rael Loculan Witter and Zachary Riley Blankenship.

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