Marriage Licenses |

Marriage Licenses

May 5

Brown and Jones: Emily Jeanne Brown and Jason Newell Jones.

Spindler and Dougherty: Kerstin Marie Spindler and Tobin Theodore Dougherty.

Cameron and Gunter: Heidi Jane Cameron and Jeren Daniel Gunter.

May 6

Kneier and Wolfe: Caitlin Emily Kneier and David William Wolfe.

Recommended Stories For You

Fragel and Blume: June Rose Fragel and Patricia Ellen Blume.

Valentino and Moody: Lauren Elizabeth Valentino and Jarratt Ashland Moody.

Butler and Rowland: Jenine Marion Butler and Gregg Eugene Rowland.

May 7

Newton and Loya: Heide Annette Newton and Frederick Michael Loya.

Beckert and Slotte: Kelley Lynn Beckert and David Allen Slotte.

Pickering and Salaices: Heather Eileen Pickering and Arthur Pete Salaices IV.

Arcadi and Boyd: Alyssa Loraine Arcadi and Nathaniel Nicholas Boyd. May 8

Ulrich and Lipanovich: Colleen Maria Ulrich and David Jeffrey Lipanovich.

May 9

Blake and Pires: Chelsea Rose Blake and Alexandre Pires.

Beyer and Fox: Paula Lee Beyer and Jeremy John Charles Fox.

Pinkham and McBride: Sara Suzanne Pinkham and Jacob Michael Aaron McBride.

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