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Marriage licenses

Feb. 19

Manuel and Fernandez: Sabrina Louise Manuel and Jimmy Fernandez.

Feb. 21

Lowman and Totten: Warren Keith Lowman and Russell Eugene Totten.

Bousfield and Worthington: Leah Anne Bousfield and Jeffrey Brian Worthington.

Rustin and Dunn: Nicole Adrian Rustin and Nathan Carl Murrey Dunn.

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Feb. 24

Alsager and Ivy: Emily Erin Alsager and Yarrow Jedediah Ivy.

Feb. 27

Galston and Johnson: Crystal Carolyn Galston and Dwayne Geoffrey Johnson.

Michou and Brentas: Sofia Michou and Emilios Brentas.

Feb. 28

Martin and Ryan: Melissa Marie Martin and Mark Steven Ryan.

Myers and Jones: Julie Kay Myers and Glen Ove Jones.

Lomax and Yeager: Andrea Kristen Lomax and Cody Glen Yeager.

March 3

Davis and Bunker: James Dean Davis and Alan Thomas Bunker.

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