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Marriage licenses

Dec. 23

Haggart and Atkins: Sean Jay Haggart and Jennifer Marie Atkins.

Kinnard and Nunnink: Claire Louise Kinnard and Cody Michael Nunnink.

Dec. 24

Shields and Beams: Sarah Lynn Shields and Andrew Evan Beams.

Gubber and Zuesldorf: Robert Norris Gubber and Kathleen Roberta Zuesldorf.

Recommended Stories For You

Dec. 26

Fisher and Dhaliwal: Anne Elisabeth Fisher and Akashdeep Singh Dhaliwal.

Gerdel and Poudrier: Dalia Elena Gerdel and Michael Paul Poudrier.

Pryde and Orovitz: Daphne Elizabeth Pryde and William Bernard Orovitz.

Dec. 27

Rager and Metcalfe: Alix Rachel Rager and Robert Sean Metcalfe.

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