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Kyle Magin
Staff Writer

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A new brand of awkward

On Saturday the bizarre comedy duo of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim will emcee the Nevada City Film Festival’s comedy show.

Known from their sketch show “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” the pair specialize in stretching the art of awkwardness to an Olympian level.

The show regularly features the two staring at the camera or one another for uncomfortable lengths of time.

“It comes from my parents,” Heidecker said. “They made it very uncomfortable for me to grow up, they were constantly embarrassing me.”

Wareheim isn’t as easy with the uneasiness, he said.

“I’m the guy that’s always fighting against it, asking why we have to hold out the shot so long,” Wareheim said.

Tim and Eric recently completed the fifth season of the show, which runs during Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block of programming late at night.

“Our fans are actually all over the map,” Wareheim said. “We have little kids that send us clips, and a whole other group of people you’d never expect. A lot of guys from Afghanistan write us. It’s a bigger tent, but it’s still very small.”

Reviewers of the show consistently describe it as inexplicable, a phenomenon the pair can’t explain.

“We can’t explain why our show defies explanation,” Heidecker said. “It’s a very personal show that Eric and I are trying to make. We don’t pander to anybody.”

Wareheim and Heidecker are scheduled to appear at 10 p.m. Saturday at the Miner’s Foundry. They’ll introduce a host of comedians, including DJ Douggpound, Duncan Trussell, Johnny Pemberton and Howard Kremer.

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