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8 money-saving tips for Halloween

Save $$ at Halloween:

While Halloween holds the chilling prospect of evening freights for trick-or-treating children, for parents the most scariest thing about this ghoulish fall festivity are the high costs associated costumes and candy.

Here are some tips to help you save money without sacrificing the fun:

Avoid the busy costume store and its marked-up prices by shopping early and online to find exactly what your child wants in a costume at the best price.

Swap costumes with another family or use hand-me-down costumes from family members and friends. Check in with family and friends about their leftovers or hold a Halloween costume swap with your neighbors.

Make your child's costume. Especially if they are young, it can be fun, memorable and cheap. It can also be time-consuming, so plan ahead.

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Buy in bulk at a discount store — it's the best way to save. Buying generic candy instead of pricier name brands.

Hand out the candy yourself. Kids tend to grab handfuls, so hand out one piece to each child, their parents will thank you anyway.

Stay away from the big stores when shopping for Halloween decorations. You aren't going to find any cheap spider webs or centerpieces at the specialty shops. Stick to discount stores or shop online. Or, get creative — there are lots of decorations that are simple to make from jack-o'-lanterns to candles.

Start early. The best way to save on Halloween items is by starting early — really early. In the week following Halloween, shop around for items for next year. You'll be able to find deals up to 75 percent off on decorations and costumes.

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