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July 30, 2013
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Nevada County wrecks add to recent spike in DUI arrests

Continuing what appears to be a trend of increased intoxicated driver citations, at least two weekend incidents that resulted in injuries were attributed to alleged drunken drivers, and another was reported to narrowly miss emergency personnel responding to a separate intoxication-related collision.

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“-h- p-bl-c c-- h-lp w--h -h-- by --k--g c-ll- wh-- -h-y -h--k -h-r- -- -- --p--r-- -r-v-r,” B-r--h---- ----. “-f -h-y -r- --p--r--, w- w-ll r--p---.”

-- c----c- ---ff Wr---r Chr----ph-r R---ck-r, ----l cr---ck-r@-h------.c-- -r c-ll 530-477-4236.

-- c----c- ---ff Wr---r Chr----ph-r R---ck-r, ----l cr---ck-r@-h------.c-- -r c-ll 530-477-4236.

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