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$500 reward in dognapping

Sammies' Friends founder Cheryl Wicks with Bud.

A brazen dognapper made off with Bud, a young pit bull, from Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter Saturday morning.

The woman, who was described as tall and skinny and who was driving a white Toyota pickup, went in through the back doors of the shelter at about 10 a.m., came out with Bud, put him in her truck and drove away.

"There were so many people there because of our cat adoption special, she got lost in the shuffle," said Sammie's Friends founder Cheryl Wicks.

Wicks said no one questioned the woman because it is not unusual for volunteer walkers to take a dog out.

"We have about 100 volunteers, and they don't all know each other," she said.

Witnesses believe the same woman had been at the shelter the Wednesday prior, asking a lot of question about Bud — and then had returned again right before closing Friday, possibly to scope the shelter out.

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A $500 reward is being offered for any information leading to the return of the approximately 9-month-old blue nose pit bull.

"I miss my Bud," Wicks said. "He's such a precious little thing, just the sweetest dog … He would fail miserably as a guard dog or a fighting dog."

Bud came to the shelter last week after Wicks got a call from a Placer County Sheriff's detective, who told her Bud had been one of several dogs taken in after a pot farm bust.

"He said the dog laid at his feet and was following him around," Wicks said.

Bud is blue in color with a white chest, is no more than 50 pounds and has been neutered.

He has just had surgery and is in desperate need of his medications, Wicks said.

Anyone with information can call Sammie's Friends at 530-471-5041, Animal Control at 530-470-2706 or Dispatch at 530-273-2179.

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