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December 21, 2012
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Steinberg announces state senate leadership team

State Senate president pro tempore Darrell Steinberg has announced his leadership members and nominees for Senate committee chairs, forming a legislative team to solidify the

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B--g-- --- F--c-l R-v--w: --rk L---

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---rgy, ---l----- --- C------c------: -l-x P---ll-

--v-r-------l Q--l--y: --ch--l J. R-b--

G-v-r---c- --- F----c-: L--- W-lk

G-v-r------l -rg---z-----: R---r-ck Wr-gh-

H--l-h: -- H-r-----z, -.-.

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J---c--ry: --r--- -v---

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L-g--l---v- --h-c-: R-ch-r- R--h

----r-l R----rc-- --- W---r: Fr-- P-vl-y

P-bl-c --pl-y---- --- R---r-----: J-- B--ll

P-bl-c --f--y: L--- H--c-ck

-r---p-r------ --- H-----g: --rk -----l---r

V---r--- -ff--r-: L--

V---r--- -ff--r-: L--

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