Savannah Hanson: Healing the deep divide |

Savannah Hanson: Healing the deep divide

Savannah Hanson

The election process this year has been a source of concern, fear and discord for many. Regardless of who you voted for, it has uncovered a deep divide in our country. Can we find a way to respect each other and come together to resolve the great challenges facing our nation while learning to honor each other's needs? Can we find our way beyond the separation and polarization that has arisen?

These times are calling us to mastery — mastery over our emotions, thoughts, choices. Yet paradoxically, this is not done through will power or control. Rather it is a gradual releasing of a false sense of self. Our current situation is asking us to be vigilant to the remembrance of who we truly are.

Mastery is the ability to make another choice, to choose love for our self and for others, to let go of reactivity in relationship. This is a gradual unfolding that occurs with intent and vigilance, yet is blocked when we attempt to control our reactions or responses. It arises in mystery and is a path that sometimes gently, sometimes ferociously, asks us to let go of all that is not authentic or real within ourselves. It is a naturally occurring unfolding that flows once we commit to the awakening of consciousness.

It is a true art to be able to distinguish whether one is still in the phase of dissolution of the ego, needing to devote energy to riding the waves of emotions arising in the body or if it is time to simply make another choice and step out of repetitive patterns of behavior without blame or judgment. As the ego dissolves, for however long that period lasts, the task is to fully allow the feeling tones of energy in motion to be experienced in the body. We are asked to love ourselves and whatever aspect of being that is arising for integration. Most of us are conditioned to bury or push away all that is uncomfortable. Yet the opportunity for freedom lies in both loving and feeling any part of our self that is in pain. To do otherwise creates further suffering.

As we clear the blocks of conditioning stored in cellular memory, a new spaciousness arises. The period of dissolution is characterized by fear and frustration arising, yet eventually enough of our field is cleared so that we are naturally carried into a period of integration. Spiritual teacher Matt Kahn has said that for first wavers 2015-2020 are the years of integration characterized by trust. Now, when difficult emotions arise, the opportunity is to make another choice, to shift attention from the challenge to the certainty of resolution, to joy, to love and to continue welcoming with compassion the aspect of our self that is still caught in suffering.

It is common to misunderstand and misuse the law of attraction as an excuse to either beat ourselves up for being the cause of our own challenges or to move into avoidance or denial — which I saw so often in New Thought churches. People are unwilling to feel what they are feeling as they fear it will "attract" negativity. Yet their self-judgment and denial of what it is entangles them further in suffering. I literally had a student tell me at church on Sunday she was fantastic, yet on Monday in class, she admitted she was suicidal. The danger of how some interpret the law of attraction is to falsely assert positive thoughts while emotionally they are having the direct opposite experience. To clear toxic debris in cellular memory, the emotion must be fully embodied.

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We may notice that at the tail end of the period of dissolution, there comes a stretch of time marked by a feeling of emptiness — a void where everything feels flat, perhaps even meaningless. Do not mistake this for depression. It is a reset period likely filled with frustration and impatience, perhaps confusion. Ultimately we reach the period of integration and it is as though fear magically exits our field and a new trust springs from the fertile ground cleared by our allowance of all the previous difficult emotions.

Ultimately I have heard and sensed we will no longer choose love, we will simply be love.

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