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Savannah Hanson: Addressing old wounds with compassion

Savannah Hanson

Over the last weeks we have gone through another huge frequency upgrade that has left many reeling. For many, it has triggered very deep, even primal wounds and fears. It may have re-activated areas we were sure were resolved years ago.

There seem to be a few common themes arising through this latest activation. Perhaps the most common one is it is bring to our awareness old childhood wounds that we may have inadvertently tried to sweep under the carpet. Our inner children may be up in arms with a no passing sign, meaning we can go no further without increased suffering until we address the underlying trauma or wound. It is all too human to use any means available to try to bury unresolved issues that can be so problematic in our lives. When no apparent resolution occurs to us, we may use addictions, staying busy or even use spiritual tools to avoid having to face and feel the hidden grief. With this latest wave of energy, our inner children are demanding we bring these old ouchies to the surface to be honored with compassion.

As a society we are trained to negate our sorrows with suppression or external expression, none of which work long terms. We are not trained to be emotionally intelligent, to know that emotions are meant to be energy in motion. We are meant to sound, move, cry, shake, sweat, dance, drum our emotions. Any emotion that is fully felt is not stored and will move through us. Yet because too few know how to do this, we have a backlog of toxic emotions waiting to be felt and loved to integrate them.

Interestingly it is all too easy to use spiritual tools to create the often unrecognized experience of spiritual bypass. It has been said that spiritual ego is one of the final frontiers to liberation. Those dedicated to the spiritual path may inadvertently try to squash their humanity in the hopes of freeing themselves from suffering. Those with sensitive nervous systems may be so easily triggered by life in these tumultuous times that they will do anything to stop the pain. Spiritual wisdom may be misinterpreted or misused. We may become so righteous about not being judgmental that we judge ourselves or others for being judgmental, a trap I fell into. The latest trap I witnessed in myself was becoming attached to non-attachment!

Once we get the lesson, it can unleash a huge wave of energy, understanding, wisdom, freedom.

A pattern I have worked on for years was about associating presents with love, something I was conditioned to as a child. This caused so much suffering that I dedicated myself to breaking that attachment. This year when my birthday rolled around with few gifts, I was again determined to just get over it until my inner child put her foot down! I have sat with this wound for years but this time it came with such a huge wave I feared I could not contain it. While I cannot control how many gifts I receive, I can still honor the young, vulnerable part of me that so desperately wants love to be proved to her externally through presents. I can have deep compassion for that aspect of self rather then try to lock her away in a closet. I can allow the grief to flow through me.

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Once we get the lesson, it can unleash a huge wave of energy, understanding, wisdom, freedom. We can see the numerous gifts spiritual awareness can bring to us and be so grateful that there is a way out of suffering. Yet we can not leave our humanity behind. It requires us to hold both aspects of who we are. Our humanity dips us repeatedly into the messiness of corporeal experience and demands we have compassion for ourselves and others. Our spirituality gives us a way to see beyond the perception that this is the only reality.

Seeking safety externally is another central theme for us. When so many conditions around us are ludicrous and unstable, we must turn within for answers and stability. Most of us spend our lives trying to get satisfaction and safety externally from our jobs, relationships, possessions or status. It takes great wisdom to see the futility of this. Yet once we do, we may swing to the opposite side of the pendulum and try to ditch the human side of ourselves. It is a tricky balance to know the answers lie within yet remain fully engaged with life, celebrating being human and enjoying all the wonders here. Ultimately we must integrate, love and balance both sides of being a divine being having a human experience.

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