Reader’s Theatre storytellers on stage at Miners Foundry |

Reader’s Theatre storytellers on stage at Miners Foundry

A perfectly curated program of talented local actors will read exquisitely written short stories by award-winning writers Sunday at Reader's Theatre, which returns to the Miners Foundry Cultural Center in Nevada City.

Reader's Theatre has been called many things, including "Theatre of the Mind" and "Story Time for Grown Ups." It gained popularity during World War II when large stage plays were too expensive to produce. With minimal props used, the actor and the audience's imagination illustrate the story.

"Growing up in England, we didn't have TV, but we did have radio, however, and I spent a lot of free time reading and listening to the story shows. It was a fun way to escape and a great way to form my own visions that books and the radio provided," says Dave Irons, one of Reader's Theatre's longest running readers. "I equate this to Reader's Theatre, the audience can close their eyes and form their own visions and opinion of the stories they're hearing."

Director Tim O'Connor, best known for his prolific work on television shows including Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, General Hospital and Peyton Place, hand selects each short story and its respective reader. For the stories he looks for pieces that have the ability to take the reader and the audience on a journey of emotions and ideas, while still marveling at the complexity and beauty of language and the written word.

"Tim spends many weeks selecting the stories that he wants us to present to the audience," says Irons. "They range from dramatic to mischievous, from surprising to intoxicating, but always mesmerizing and top quality."

This installment of Reader's Theatre will feature stories by master storytellers Russell Banks, Annie Proulx, Maile Meloy and Sarah Kokernot read by O'Connor and Irons, plus a cast of local actors including Gaylie Bell-Stewart, Bruce Kelly, and Reinette Senum.

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Reader's Theatre is a fundraiser for the historic Miners Foundry Cultural Center.

"What better place to tell stories than in the venue that is a story in itself, the Miners Foundry," says Irons.


WHAT: Miners Foundry Cultural Center presents Reader’s Theatre directed by Tim O’Connor

WHEN: Sunday, April 23, Doors 3:30 p.m., Show 4 p.m.

WHERE: Miners Foundry Cultural Center, 325 Spring Street, Nevada City

TICKETS: $10, and are available online at, by phone (530) 265-5040 or in person at Miners Foundry, and in person at BriarPatch Co-op


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