New exhibits at ASiF in Grass Valley |

New exhibits at ASiF in Grass Valley

On Friday, from 5 – 8 p.m. the Artists' Studio in the Foothills invites the public for an evening of fine art, food, wine and live music featuring fiber artists Joan Dyer, Sandra Poteet and Lin Schiffner and more than 40 national and international ceramic artists' works as part of a series of rotating exhibitions of FCAM/Foothills Ceramic Art Museum's permanent collection.


Fiber artists Joan Dyer, Sandra Poteet and Lin Schiffner's works represent a range of style and interpretation of the use of pattern and repetition in art and design. The pieces in this exhibit are stitched, painted, dyed, stamped or otherwise surface-altered. The palettes range from bold and bright to subtle and subdued and culminate in a wonderfully cohesive collection of contemporary fabric art.

These three artists have worked toward a common goal for many years in an effort to increase awareness about fiber and fabric as an important media and fine art form. This exhibit reflects their continued effort in pushing themselves as artists to expand the creative limits of this dynamic medium.

Dyer: "My fabric art is largely intuitive. I build my designs quickly and freely. I love to work (play) in my studio, and add a little magic here and there for the viewer to enjoy."

Poteet: "I am inspired and challenged by appreciation of the fine arts, photography, fine crafts,and the natural environment. My methods continue to evolve with one constant: I love the medium of fabric with its essential textural presence."

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Schiffner: "My art melds the heartfelt with my love for color and a compulsion for meticulous detail. Creating fabric art is a practice that brings solace, joy, and purpose. It provides an avenue for expression of my life's experiences and inspirations.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Poteet and Schiffner will give a short presentation in the center's community classroom on "Patterns in Art Quilting.". The talk and slide show will focus on the history of traditional quilting to the evolution of art quilting with the use of pattern.


For this exhibit, FCAM museum collector and founder Kenneth Underwood has chosen pieces from his collection that incorporate pattern in their surface treatment. As in any media – with ceramics, whether carved or stamped, printed or painted, pattern is created by repetition. Take any shape —a line, a circle, a triangle, a leaf, a blob – shift it left or right, up or down, flip it vertically or horizontally, or rotate it endlessly, and you have created a pattern. Shift it then rotate it and you create a spiral. Think of wallpaper and how it is printed in endless rolls up and down and seam to seam, and you will understand how pattern is created.

Underwood: "When I looked over the pieces I selected for this exhibit, it struck me that they are mostly round; wheel thrown, coiled, or altered, they all started by creating a circular form. Potters develop their skills by throwing the same shapes over and over until they master the process. Some potters then create molds to cast copies of those perfect shapes. The potter's process is one of repetition and refinement. Each pot is the product of a pattern! But each pot is also unique because it is made by hand. For so many potters to decorate their pots with patterns should be no surprise. It is part of their DNA."

The "Patterns in Fiber" exhibition will be on display through May 27; "Patterns in Clay" through June 17.

Gallery Hours: Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.



“PATTERNS IN FIBER & CLAY” – Featuring ceramic and fabric Art by over 40 local, national & international artists

Fiber artists, Joan Dyer, Poteet and Schiffner & Ken Underwood/Foothills Ceramic Art Museum

Fiber Arts lecture & presentation on the use of pattern & art quilt history

Live music by Nicolo Paoletti & Gregory Young

WHEN: Friday, April 21, 5 – 8p.m.

WHERE: Artists’ Studio in the Foothills (ASiF)

Visual Arts Center of Nevada County

940 Idaho Maryland Road, Grass Valley

530-274-7000 / 530-210-3162

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