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‘Let Freedom Sing’ at the Open Book

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Three local songwriters will each play a full set of their homegrown music starting 4 p.m. Sunday at the Open Book, 671 Maltman Drive.

Saul & Elena Rayo, Walt Webb, and Chloe Day will grace the stage for an intimate dancing, listening and smiling event to close out the weekend.

Tickets are available for $10 at tinyurl.com/gvsong, and at the door before the show.


Saul and Elena Rayo share a rare musical marriage. Individually and together, they have released many albums of their original songs and performed countless concerts.

Saul, as an artist of political scope, has made it his mission to educate himself, his band members, as well as his audiences, with the results of his research into the counter-culture movements, for many years.

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Elena, classically trained and educated in ancient literature, has made it her mission to sing her authentic voice in her original songs that crack open the heart, according to a press release.


Before moving to Rough and Ready, Walt "Millennium Man" Webb played with the Southern California band Beats Workin'. According to Webb: "They sure do!"

He's played with the country rock band Southern Rose and the duo Macon Bacon. Webb's original songs are an eclectic mix of Folk, Rock, Country and Americana with an emphasis on contemporary social commentary.

His CD "American Pharoah" received national radio airplay, breaking into the top 10 on some radio playlists. The CD's title song tells the story of American Pharoah, the first race horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown.


Chloe seeks inspiration in dreams and reality alike.

She picked up her first guitar at a roadside stand in Tijuana and soon after went on to writing, recording and touring the country in support of what eventually became three full-length CDs : "The Return Of…", "Pixie Runway" and "Ruby in the Rabbit Hole." Her fourth release is due out later this year.

Her band the Waller Dogs played several sets at the 2015 Placer and Nevada County Fairs, and she is now preparing for a spring/summer tour with Sacramento-based rockers Flyin' Cowboy and the Wild Horses.

Day's songs range over a variety of genres and feel from light and playful to deep and sultry. The St. Louis Riverfront Times said: "With a little girl croon that sounds half-seductive, half-lethal, Day leaves her audience curious as to whether she plans to kiss them or kill them. And yet listeners would probably consent, spiral-eyed, to both."

Refreshment will be available from Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters.

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