New studio for pottery-on-the-wheel classes in Grass Valley |

New studio for pottery-on-the-wheel classes in Grass Valley

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Chic Lotz, local artist and longtime owner of the Potter's Wheel Ceramics Studio has moved her business to a McCourtney Road location, just past the fairgrounds. Her new 1,000-square-foot studio is fully equipped for small group instruction, and registration for fall pottery-on-the-wheel classes for kids and adults is now in progress. She offers morning, afterschool and evening classes for both beginners and intermediate students.

Students learn to make bowls, mugs, plates, lidded jars, candleholders, planters, goblets, teapots and more. Kids often add sculpture to their pieces, turning them into piggy banks, birdhouses, castles and animals.

The new studio also includes a small gallery with plenty of pottery for sale. Chic's Potter's Wheel Ceramics Studio is located at 12569 McCoutrney Road. For information and to register for classes contact Lotz at 530-274-8185 or email

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