Chris Crockett Sunday at the Old 5Mile House |

Chris Crockett Sunday at the Old 5Mile House

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Chris Crockett will perform from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Old 5Mile House. Crockett is a singer, songwriter and actor seen regularly at Nevada City's Off Broadstreet Theater, where he has performed in many of the company's plays and been the opening act Friday and Saturday nights for the past 11 years. Crockett also spends a month or two during the winter as a railroad minstrel on The Snow Train to Reno. Crockett's original song "You're The One Who Made Me Sell My Bike" has more than 27,000 hits on YouTube. He will be taking requests and drawing from an extensive repertoire of songs, including covers and originals. Copies of his most recent album, "Stranger In This Land," will be available for purchase.

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