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‘Composers Revealed:’ house concert on tap

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Composers L to R are Binns Melander, Dennis Lauderdale, Jerry Grant, Jozi Gullickson, Jesse Haennelt, Paul Boisvert.

The Nevada County Composers concert Sunday features nine local composers spanning nearly four generations.

The concert, titled "Composers Revealed," displays an amazing variety of compositional styles and instrumentation.

— Composer Paul Boisvert presents "Roche Miette — for Flute, French Horn & Piano."

It is named for a majestic mountain in Jasper National Park, Canada and portrays its many moods.

— Jerry Grant's "Songs Without Words" — for Oboe & Piano, is named since they reflect a lyrical approach to the melodic aspect of the work.

— Jozi Gullickson says, "My composition consists of two Shakespeare sonnets 64 & 65 set to music. I chose the Harp and voice because it has a versatile range as well as an appropriate Shakespearian sound."

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— Jesse's Haennelt's piano trio, "Before and After," was inspired by a trip to The Animal Place. It tells the story of the lives of the animals as they go from the torture in the farming environment to a safe and comfortable retirement at the sanctuary.

— Dennis Lauderdale: "Duo for Violin and Piano #4." "The inspiration for this piece was to write something happy sounding and briskly played in a major key."

— Randy McKean's "Holy Current," was inspired by his long-time musical associate Murray Campbell who was trained as a physicist.

— Denny McShane: "Song Without Words #4 for Piano." The tonal image reflects that of Mendelssohn's gondolier songs. The piece is written in the traditional 6/8 rhythm of a barcarolle and reflects two "gondoliers" singing in harmonious counterpoint with each other while poling their gondolas on the canals.

— Binns Melander's "Sonata for Violin and Piano" was composed in 1978 and has been performed beautifully by violinist David Thorpe and his wife, Chi Xin Thorp.

— Composer Kyle Querec presents two works. "Treasure A Coming" is a piece that combines Afro-Cuban rhythms with that of straight ahead jazz. It features Kyle on guitar, Jason Wilkins, bass, and Karl Chellette drums. "Once it Rained" is a solo piano piece and waltz that is simple and haunting.

Additional amazing musicians include: Ken Hardin, pianist; Kirsti Powell, flutist; Michael McAllister, French Horn; Jia mo Chen, cellist; Kathy Magee Querec, soprano and Sage Po-harp.

This special house concert is at 2 p.m. Sunday. A reservation is required by calling 530-478-0983 for information & directions. Tickets are $25 and $5 students.


WHO: Nevada County Composers

WHAT: “Composers Revealed” –concert of local composers

WHEN: Sunday, April 23 2 p.m. WHERE: special house concert, call for directions 530-478-0983

TICKETS: $25 and $5 students

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