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‘Composers Revealed:’ house concert on tap

Composers L to R are Binns Melander, Dennis Lauderdale, Jerry Grant, Jozi Gullickson, Jesse Haennelt, Paul Boisvert.


WHO: Nevada County Composers

WHAT: “Composers Revealed” –concert of local composers

WHEN: Sunday, April 23 2 p.m. WHERE: special house concert, call for directions 530-478-0983

TICKETS: $25 and $5 students

The Nevada County Composers concert Sunday features nine local composers spanning nearly four generations.

The concert, titled "Composers Revealed," displays an amazing variety of compositional styles and instrumentation.

— Composer Paul Boisvert presents "Roche Miette — for Flute, French Horn & Piano."

It is named for a majestic mountain in Jasper National Park, Canada and portrays its many moods.

— Jerry Grant's "Songs Without Words" — for Oboe & Piano, is named since they reflect a lyrical approach to the melodic aspect of the work.

— Jozi Gullickson says, "My composition consists of two Shakespeare sonnets 64 & 65 set to music. I chose the Harp and voice because it has a versatile range as well as an appropriate Shakespearian sound."

— Jesse's Haennelt's piano trio, "Before and After," was inspired by a trip to The Animal Place. It tells the story of the lives of the animals as they go from the torture in the farming environment to a safe and comfortable retirement at the sanctuary.

— Dennis Lauderdale: "Duo for Violin and Piano #4." "The inspiration for this piece was to write something happy sounding and briskly played in a major key."

— Randy McKean's "Holy Current," was inspired by his long-time musical associate Murray Campbell who was trained as a physicist.

— Denny McShane: "Song Without Words #4 for Piano." The tonal image reflects that of Mendelssohn's gondolier songs. The piece is written in the traditional 6/8 rhythm of a barcarolle and reflects two "gondoliers" singing in harmonious counterpoint with each other while poling their gondolas on the canals.

— Binns Melander's "Sonata for Violin and Piano" was composed in 1978 and has been performed beautifully by violinist David Thorpe and his wife, Chi Xin Thorp.

— Composer Kyle Querec presents two works. "Treasure A Coming" is a piece that combines Afro-Cuban rhythms with that of straight ahead jazz. It features Kyle on guitar, Jason Wilkins, bass, and Karl Chellette drums. "Once it Rained" is a solo piano piece and waltz that is simple and haunting.

Additional amazing musicians include: Ken Hardin, pianist; Kirsti Powell, flutist; Michael McAllister, French Horn; Jia mo Chen, cellist; Kathy Magee Querec, soprano and Sage Po-harp.

This special house concert is at 2 p.m. Sunday. A reservation is required by calling 530-478-0983 for information & directions. Tickets are $25 and $5 students.