Chuck Jaffee: Film Festival reprise keeps on giving |

Chuck Jaffee: Film Festival reprise keeps on giving

Chuck Jaffee
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In a December review, I wrote, "See the fresh topicality and a Western flavor of exotic tone in 'The Islands and the Whales.'" I didn't know then that is would be awarded "Best of Festival" at January's Wild & Scenic Film Festival. The film is Western because it's European. It's exotic because it's a little-known island culture in the middle of the North Atlantic. It's fresh in it topicality because even this isolated realm of 50,000 people cannot escape the pressures of the modern world.

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This renewed film festival opportunity, Sunday, April 23, marks week five of eight to see award winning and other Wild & Scenic films. Each Sunday feature continues pairing with a short film from the festival. "Pangolin," winner for Best Short Film accompanies "The Islands and the Whales. What's a pangolin? It's ugly. It's cute. It's an endangered species that suffers from illegal poaching more than any other mammal.

The series continues in its fundraiser mode, collaborating with and benefitting the South Yuba River Citizens League. You can support SYRCL by seeing these prime selections. The regular $8 admission applies.


Recommended Stories For You

Sunday April 30, the feature film pushes the pursuit of extremes to kayaking 160-foot-high waterfalls in "Chasing Niagra."

Sunday May 7, the feature film "An Acquired Taste" provides a unique educational forum with a rich personal flavor for parents and kids. Feel what suburban teens feel as they learn to kill the food they eat.

This Wild & Scenic film series ends May 14 with 2017's Best of Theme award winner, "Fractured Lands." Check out a noteworthy example of a modern citizen as an indigenous warrior, who also wears a lawyer's garb, fights against devastatingly shortsighted energy policy.

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