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Ken Nauman

Protecting animals a community responsibility

I wish to join the other citizens Who have recognized the abhorrent animal abuse cases arising in the county and particularly the ongoing Silva case.

It is certainly long past time to address such cases and to ensure that convicted perpetrators of this nature receive the stated punishment cited in the state’s penal codes. Without this enforcement, future violations will continue, and the citizenry will not respect the laws of the county. Historical evidence reflects that animal abusers often carry their abuse to humans, something none of us needs as well as the related costs to us and the county to prosecute such atrocities.

We now find that the defendant in the Silva case wishes to extend the case at some expense, rather than paying his fines and relinquishing his abused animals as required by the state’s penal code.

In regard to the Silva case, presently being litigated, it is rather interesting that the defendant appears to cry “poor mouth” when it comes to paying his fines yet can continue keeping his counsel employed in his defense. If, as I have been led to believe, he is putting his costs on the county in some fashion, this becomes more egregious than originally believed.

As taxpayers, we need to have the District Attorney’s office aggressively plead the county’s case with the appellant judge handling the defendant’s appeal and allow Sammie’s Friends to join the county in the Silva case. Without reimbursement for its care of Mr. Silva’s animals (already at about $20,000), it will be unable to maintain its valuable relationship with the county or to care for abused, neglected or abandoned animals within the county.

You, as citizens and animal caregivers, need to be aware of such abuses and to rally around any and all efforts to put an end to animal abuse in the county. Your assistance and attention to this matter is important and appreciated.

Ken Nauman lives in Nevada City.

Historical evidence reflects that animal abusers often carry their abuse to humans ...

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